Flood in greater Ctg

Pragmatic measures needed to protect lives and livelihood

Published : 09 Aug 2023 08:04 PM | Updated : 09 Aug 2023 08:04 PM

Incessant rains coupled with onrush of upstream hilly water over the past few days have led to a severe flood situation in the port city Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar and three hilly districts--Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari in southeastern Bangladesh.

Heavy downpour and overflowing rivers submerged vast areas and closed all roads to Cox' Bazar and Bandarban districts. Besides, Bandarban to Rangamati, Chattagram and Cox's Bazar road communication was also snapped as roads went under flood water at different points. As a result, access to essential services and supplies has become severely limited for the affected areas.

The flood left lakhs of people marooned and without access to safe drinking water, power and mobile network connection. The flood also destroyed the crops filed, houses and many infrastructures and washed away fish ponds.

The onrush of upstream waters coupled with moderate to very heavy downpours also breached embankments submerging the habitats. As these existing embankments have already lost their capacity they cannot protect the people’s lives and properties effectively.

The authorities concerned 

must help the affected people 

in repairing the damaged houses

 on an emergency basis

The government must repair vulnerable embankments on an emergency basis. As the country is the worst sufferers of the consequence of climate change, sustainable embankment management appears as the need of the time.

However, the overall flood situation is improving in the region as water recession continues in many rivers till Wednesday. But the flood uncovered a landscape of widespread devastation dotted by shattered homes, educational institutions, business establishments and other infrastructures, washed-out farmlands and broken roads. Although the situation shows signs of improvement, the miseries of tens of thousands of people in the affected areas are far from over.

Many people returned home from the various institutional shelters and saw their houses were completely destroyed in the flood. Besides, a large numbers of houses are still waterlogged there. 

Prices of rice, lentil and vegetable have gone up in the affected areas as crops on vast swathes of land got damaged.

The affected people are passing days in extreme misery amid an acute crisis of food and pure drinking water and the spread of waterborne diseases. Apart from these, the affected people are also being compelled to sell their cattle as it has become very difficult to them to feed their livestock.   

The authorities concerned must help the affected people in repairing the damaged houses on an emergency basis. Besides, the damaged and affected educational institutions, business establishments, important infrastructures roads and embankment will have to be repaired immediately to protect the lives and livelihoods of people. We believe Sheikh Hasina led Awami League government will do everything for the flood victims.