Five upazilas turn Covid hotspots in Rajshahi

Published : 21 Jun 2021 09:49 PM | Updated : 22 Jun 2021 01:15 AM

Five upazilas with two frontier upazilas of Rajshahi have turned to the 'Hotspots' of Covid-19 infection in Rajshahi.

Correspondent after investigation found that a large number of Coronavirus infected patients are now being admitted at the Corona unit of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital from rural areas of the district. Of those upazilas, bordering Godagari and Tanore upazilas are leading the infection rate.

 Brig Gen Shamim Yazdani, Director of RMCH to the journalists during a regular briefing on Monday said 60 percent of the Covid-19 patients are being admitted to Corona unit of RMCH from rural areas. Most of them are either farmers or housewives whereas most of the Corona patients who are being admitted from Rajshahi city areas are businessmen and traders by profession.  

During regular briefing to the journalists Shamim Yazdani mentioned the largest number of Covid-19 infected patients are being admitted to the hospital from frontier villages of Godagari and Tanore upazilas, the next numbers of admitted patients are from Durgapur, Bagmara and Charghat upazilas. 

Meanwhile, most of the Corona patients admitted at RMCH from Rajshahi City Corporation area are from Boalia police station and majority of those patients are traders or businessmen. He further said, to tackle the situation, public representatives at the union levels should make people aware to maintain health rules. They should strengthen the publicity and campaign against the Corona and how to get rid of it by observing health rules. Otherwise, if people remain dependent on the treatment of the hospital only, the situation would further deteriorate. He added,  every hospital has a limited number of bed capacity and already the capacity at the Corona unit has surpassed the number of admission to the unit according to the beds.

The total number of admitted patients at the Corona unit was 402 as against 309 regular beds on Monday. 

However, another ward ( ward-27) with 48 beds is being prepared at RMCH to treat Covid-19 infected patients. Within a short time the unit will admit Corona patients in the ward. Brig Gen Shamim mentioned, now the Corona patients are required to get Oxygen at the first phase of infection which is surely worrying.