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Civil war in Myanmar

Five more BGP men enter Teknaf escaping battle

Published : 15 Apr 2024 10:55 PM | Updated : 16 Apr 2024 12:31 PM

Five more members of the Border Guard Police (BGP) of Myanmar crossed the Bangladesh border in Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar escaping the ongoing deadly civil war in the country.

Lt Col Mohiuddin Ahmed, commander of the Teknaf Battalion of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), confirmed it.

The BGB  officer further said that those Myanmar nationals entered Bangladesh at around 11:30pm on Sunday through the Kharangkhali area of Whykong Union.

In last two days fourteen people have crossed the border looking for refuge, he added.

Earlier on March 30, three members of the Myanmar military sought shelter near the Naikhongchhari border. On Mar 11, another 177 members of the BGP and Myanmar military fled to Bangladesh.

Earlier on February 15,  some 330 

security personnel from Myanmar fled across the border to Bangladesh amid fighting between rebel groups and the military junta’s forces for the past few months. They were eventually sent back to Myanmar on February 15.

On February 5 in Bandarban's Ghumdhum, a Bangladeshi woman and a Rohingya man was killed by a mortar shell fired from Myanmar.

Conflicts began between the Arakan Army and Myanmar’s border guard force, BGP, across the border in Naikhongchhari on February 2.

The rebels have managed to capture several areas and occupy check posts.

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