Five-day tourism fair starts in Banani

Published : 06 Dec 2022 08:24 PM | Updated : 09 Dec 2022 09:36 PM

A five-day tourism fair has started in Dhaka. Cox's Bazar's four-star hotel "Hotel Inani Long Bay" and tourism sector investment company "MNS Properties Limited" participated in the fair. They are offering various benefits including special price discounts on their services.

The five-day fair named "Hotel Inani Long Bay - Tourism and Property Fair" has started on Tuesday in Banani, Dhaka. Rokon Ud-Daula, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources inaugurated the fair. Abdul Wahab, managing director of the host institution, Abdullah Al Amin, SANM Kamrul Ahsan, Rafiqul Islam and Ariful Islam among the directors, Professor Shah Alam Chowdhury and Associate Professor Milli Rahman of the English Department of Dhaka International University were present in the event.

Rokon Ud-Daula, the chief guest on the occasion, said that the world's longest beach is in Cox's Bazar and is a very important tourist spot in Bangladesh and its region and to attract more tourists, we have to make the new tourist spots including Cox's Bazar more tourist friendly and make new investments in this sector.

The organizer of the fair is emphasizing on attracting the attention of the tourists going to Cox's Bazar in the country. Next year, the current government's tourist-friendly project Dhaka-Cox's Bazar will be completed, the organizers believe that an increased number of tourists will visit Cox's Bazar in 2023. In this case, the hope is that the tourism industry in the country is currently developing rapidly, small and large new investments are being made to enrich the tourism sector.

 People's interest and returns in this sector are satisfactory, as evidenced by the new investment at the individual level.

Organizers say that through this tourism fair, the travel-hungry tourists will get to know about various travel information, attractive travel packages and investment in the tourism sector and its returns.