Fishing with poison

Punish hoodlums, protect biodiversity

Published : 29 Nov 2023 07:22 PM | Updated : 29 Nov 2023 07:22 PM

Many fishermen are still using poison to catch fish in the country’s canals, water bodies and rivers endangering the entire forests and their biodiversity.

Besides, those, who eatthe fish caught with poison, also face serious health hazards. A group of fishermen, under the influence of a powerful syndicate, has resorted to poisoning fish in the Feni River in Khagrachari district, according to media reports.

This practice not only impacts fish but also causes harm to other aquatic animals due to water pollution. Apart from the Feni river in Khagrachari, poisoning the water to net fishes in the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest goes on unabated under the very nose of authorities concerned.

The fishermen and poachers are now using poison in rivers, canals, and other water bodies in the Sundarbans to catch shrimps, crabs and other fishes.Besides, banned current nets, various pesticides and different types of hooks are also being used to catch the fishes there.

This practice not only

 impacts fish but also 

causes harm to other

 aquatic animals due

 to water pollution

Indiscriminate use of poisons, pesticides and current nets are killing a large quantity of fish in the reserve area where they are used.Such illegal activities are not only just killing fishes but also affecting every kind of marine life there.

Therefore, fishes worth crores were poisoned and breeding was severely hampered every year.These fishes that are caught after consuming poison are also being sold in the markets, posing serious health concerns for people.

Apart from fishes, wild animals in the forest are also falling sick after drinking the poisoned water in the canals and rivers.Use of such poison puts fishes and biodiversity in different rivers and forests at risk.

The poisoning is also affecting the biodiversity of the forest and destroying the breeding cycle of very important aquatic resources. The forest always acts as a natural barrier protecting the country from the effects of various natural disasters like cyclonic storms and floods.

All species of aquatic species including small and big fish are being killed.But, the authorities are reluctant to prevent the organised gangs from fishing in the Sundarbans by poisoning the fishes.

The law enforcers should launch raids in order to net the syndicate involved in poisoning the water to catch fishes immediately.