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Fishing ban on Kaptai Lake from May 1

Published : 24 Apr 2019 10:43 AM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:25 PM

The district administration in a meeting imposed a three-month ban on all kinds of fishing in the Kaptai Lake which is going to be effect from first May to first week of August this year.

The fishermen as well as public are strictly prohibited not to catch all species of fishes on Kaptai Lake for the specific period.

Decision has taken in the meeting held at the conference room of Rangamati Deputy Commissioner’s office on Tuesday.

Netting all kinds of fishes, marketing, preservation, drying and transportation have been banned and the order instructed all the fishermen to transport their dried fishes within three to four days from Rangamati and outside the district by May 1.

The authorities concerned though imposed ban on fishing every year for three months (May-July), but a section of dishonest fishermen in connivance with some dishonest staffs of Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation (BFDC) allegedly catch fish in the lake. 

To preventing this trend, a total of 20,000 fishermen who earn their livelihood through fishing in the Kaptai Lake, will be provided VGF (vulnerable group feeding) rice during the ban period, said deputy commissioner (ADC) AKM Mamunur Rashid, in the meeting.

A fisherman will get 30 kilogram of rice in each month under this VGF programme. 

The district administration instructed the BFDC authority to take stern lawful action against the law breakers. 

Every year, catching of fishes in the lake is banned for three months in this time. 

The ban is enforced for breeding and boosting fish resources, fish production in the lake. 

During this period, the mother fishes are lays eggs and fish fries are also release on the lake by the concerned authority. 

To prevent the illegal fishing, there will be operated mobile court and several teams of  police will remained vigilance across the lake.