Fish sale halts in Kishoreganj

Published : 16 Apr 2022 09:09 PM

Fish traders in Kishoreganj have stopped selling fish indefinitely in protest of lease oppression and torture. The third day of the indefinite strike on Saturday has passed but no solution has been found. Meanwhile, the fishmongers lodged a complaint at the Kishoreganj Deputy Commissioner's residence on Friday morning.

Last Thursday morning, there was an argument between the people of the new leaseholders and the fishmongers about the lease money. After that the traders stopped selling fish. It is learned that there were chases and counter-chases for the lease money. However, the new leaseholder denied the allegations. To bring the situation under control, two teams of police are patrolling Bara Bazar and Puranthana Bazar regularly. Kishoreganj Town Fish Market Small Business Cooperative Society lodged a written complaint with the police about a protest procession from Puranthana area of the town.

Going to different markets of the town on the spot, it was seen that the buyers crowded in the fish market but the traders could not buy fish as they stopped selling fish. Buyers are suffering due to that.

Kishoreganj Town Fish Market Small Business Cooperative Society President Alam Mia said Ariful Islam Arzu a former councilor of ward 7 of the municipality, has leased the fish market in Barabazar.

With the lease, he and his men are unjustly demanding extra money without a list of rents. When the fish traders express their inability to pay without receipts, the people of Arzu argue with the traders. The traders also complained that at one stage they attacked the fish traders.

The traders claimed that 6/7 fish traders were injured. It has been decided to stop selling fish for an indefinite period until the issue of lease is finalized and the issue of attack on fish traders is finalized.

Kishoreganj Town Fish Market Small Business Cooperative Society General Secretary Maqsood Mia complained that the mayor has not come to look for us so far. He didn't say anything to us. We have stopped selling fish in Kishoreganj city indefinitely.

Ariful Islam Arju, the lessee of Barabazar Fish Mahal said, "The traders had an argument with my people while trying to get the lease, but they were not attacked." But this time they are making false allegations by not getting market through tender.

The leaders of the association complained that even though they were supposed to pay five taka per basket per day, they were demanding 200 taka.

That is why we have protested. The sale of fish will be stopped indefinitely until the matter is resolved.

Kishoreganj Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Dawood said, "I have received a written complaint from the traders. I have talked to the mayor and this problem will be resolved through discussion very soon."

Kishoreganj Municipality Md. Mayor Parvez Mia said, "I have heard about the problem between the tenants and the fish traders." The matter will be discussed with both the parties next Sunday. Stopping the sale of fish has caused misery in the minds of the people.