Fish production increases by 58.34 pc in 10 yrs

The fish production of the country has increased by 58.34 percent over the last ten years due to various initiatives taken by the government. According to the department of fisheries, “In 2018-19 fiscal, the country’s total fish production has reached 42.77 lakh metric tons (MT) whereas the production was 27.01 MT last 10 years ago.

Besides, the total fish production has also increased by 3.5 percent compared to last fiscal; the production was 41.34 lakh MT in FY 2017-18. After fulfilling the domestic demand every year, Bangladesh now exports huge amount of fish to different countries in the world including India, Thailand, USA, UK, Vietnam and other middle-eastern countries, which is about 13 percent of the country’s total export earnings.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru told Bangladesh Post, “To boost the country’s fish stock, the government has taken various initiatives, like biological engineering to present new species of fish, to increase fish production, and keep up the indigenous variety from destruction.” The Minister also said, “A new fisheries laboratory will be set-up at the wetland area of Netrokona district. We have already taken all kind of measures in this regard.”

Dilder Ahmed, Chairman of Department of Fisheries said, “We have achieved a tremendous success in fish cultivation. Now, we are exporting huge amount of fish after fulfilling the country’s demand, which plays an important role in the economy of the country.” Asked about endangered species, Ahmed said, “About 20 species of our indigenous fish faces extinction. Fisheries and Livestock Ministry is trying to protect those species and also expand their breeding.”

Ahmad said, “The fishery has been a great success. Fish are exported to many countries, which is contributing significantly to the economy of the country."
A fish officer who did not want his name published said, “With more efficient manpower the fisheries department could have done more to improve the sector.”

He also said, “Due to the shortage of workers in the fisheries sector, progress in this sector is slow. This sector can improve further if the necessary work force is given.” Upazila Fisheries Officer Jasimuddin told Bangladesh Post, The country is mainly cultivating two types of fish. Namely the closed reservoir and the open reservoir.”