Fish fences disrupt flow of Chitra

Published : 25 Dec 2020 09:44 PM

Fishermen have installed a number of artisanal fish fences on the Chitra river in Jashore’s Bagharpara upazila, reducing the navigability and disrupting the flow and of the river.

A fence has been built on the river just 200 yards away from the Bagharpara Upazila Fisheries Office with locals questioning on how a fence is built that is so closed to a government office.

Besides, unscrupulous fishermen have a number of fish fences all across the river by allegedly maintaining close ties with the upazila fisheries officials.

Although these fences have been being build installed for long but fisheries officer claimed they conduct regular eviction drive.

However, fishing has started in different parts of Chitra river from Khajura to Seemakhali Bridge, Beel Jaleshwar to Dhalgram Sluicegate areas.

But fishing is prohibited by obstructing the movement of fishes since fish fry are killed in the fences.

Besides, people have been fishing with illegal current nets resulting in decrease of fishes in the nearby canals and beels.

Locals complained that due to lack of proper supervision by the Fisheries Department, some locals are fishing with their own dams. Even the fish sanctuary of Upazila Sadar is on the verge of extinction due to lack of supervision.

Upazila Fisheries Officer Palash Bala said he is not aware of any fish fence in the river. 

However, action will be taken against the perpetrators, the official added.