Fire at Gulshan high-rise

Take measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents

Published : 21 Feb 2023 08:50 PM

We are saddened at the loss of lives after a fire quickly tore through a 12-storey residential building in Gulshan-2 in the city. At least two people were killed many other receive serious burn injuries in the fire on Sunday evening.

In the visuals emerging from the site, huge flames coupled with thick clouds of black smoke were seen billowing out of the building. An initial investigation by the fire service suspects that the fire originated from an electric short-circuits.

The Sunday’s terrible inferno again raised questions about emergency services and safety measures. Most of the buildings, offices, courts, schools, colleges, universities, institutions, shopping malls, recreation centres, cinema halls, industries and all structures still remain out of the fire fighting and extinguishing systems. But the authorities concerned responsible for ensuring fire extinguishing system in every structure, have not taken any effective initiative to this end yet. 

There is no alternative to 

equipping the fire 

service and civil defense 

with modern equipment 

and providing better 

training to its personnel

When such terrible fire or any other deadly accident occurs, administrations come up with various measures and promise that they would do everything in the future to avert any accident. But the authorities do not fulfill their commitments and remain silent spectators. 

We do not want to see repetition of such tragic fire accident that continue taking people’s lives in capital Dhaka and ruining many families within moments. Such death is causing irreparable loss to every family of the victims.

It was a heartbroken scenario when relatives of fire victims were gathering at the affected buildings to know the fates of their nearest and dearest ones. Earlier we have also seen many people met the tragic end of their lives and while many more received injuries in the fire in capital Dhaka and other places of the country.

There is no alternative to equipping the fire service and civil defense with modern equipment and providing better training to its personnel to control fire accident. All concerned must stay alert against recurrence of such tragedy anywhere in the country.