Financial Agro’s 30 cows ready for Qurbani in Mirsrai

Published : 12 Jun 2023 09:50 PM

The Financial Agro, founded by the late journalist Muhammad Nizam Uddin, has turned into a reliable institution for animal sacrifice on the upcoming Holy Sacrifice Eid in Mirsrai, Chittagong. Here the cows are sold at real prices after fattening them in a completely natural way. More than 30 cows of Desi, Friesian and other breeds have been prepared for sacrifice in the institution. Buyers are already booking their favorite cows in advance by visiting the farm. The farm is situated at the farm house of journalist Muhammad Nizam Uddin in Mirsrai Municipality.

By visiting the farm, it can be seen that there are small, medium and large size cows that worth approximately Tk 1 lakh 20 thousand to Tk 4 lakh. The fattening of cows for sacrifice is being increased every year. 

Alhaj Salim Uddin, the supervisor of The Financial Agro, said that we are marketing cows for sacrifice from the farm not only for business purposes but also for service. Above all, we give utmost importance to human health risk. This time we have prepared more than 30 cows for the sacrifice. Buyers can choose to buy cows.