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Finally, Shakib speaks about his film 'Bidrohi'

Published : 30 Apr 2022 08:22 PM

Dhallywood Superstar Shakib Khan starrered two films are being released this Eid. ‘Bidrohi’ opposite popular actress Shobnom Bubly and the other is 'Golui' opposite young actress Puja Cherry.  So far the superstar has been vocal only about 'Golui' but not about ‘Bidrohi’, starting from Facebook to media he talked about this film everywhere.

Due to this many people complained that despite being his own film, he is not promoting ‘Bidrohi’. The reason for this is the deterioration of Shakib's relationship with the producer of the movie Selim Khan.

 However, in the end Shakib broke the silence spoke about the film ‘Bidrohi’ awaiting release. On Saturday April 30, the actor posted a picture on his social handle from the United States and expressed his thoughts about the movie.

Shakib wrote, “I have been out of the country for a long time and also away from everyone in this Eid. However, even though I am away, I am with my fans, with my two movies 'Bidrohi', the other is 'Golui' which is going to release on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. 

'Bidrohi' is being released in most of the cinema halls this Eid compare to the other films. Hundreds of halls have already been booked. In this regard, Shakib said, "Because of the love and interest of the audience, 'Bidrohi' is being released in hundreds of cinemas. In the last few years, my movies have been released in hundreds of cinemas due to the interest of the audience. Hopefully, this will continue in the future. The release of the movie in hundreds of theaters during this crisis of Corona is undoubtedly very positive and happy news. I am as grateful as ever for the love and demand of the audience.”

Dhallywood King Khan did not forget to thank the cinema hall owners. At the same time, he told the fans to go to the cinema hall and enjoy both his film 'Golui' and 'Bidrohi'.