Fight against Covid-19

Mismanagement and week response made the pandemic worse

It is alarming news that lack of coordination among physicians, hospitals and management is overwhelming treatment of corona-infected patients across the country. 

Experts are of the opinion that inadequate supply of safety gear for medical staff and absence of immediate on-demand support are weakening ability of our health sector to serve coronavirus patients. The worsening Covid-19 situation in the country is the consequence of sheer mismanagement, weak response, lack of coordination and negligence on the part of the public in following health safety regulations.

There is a huge gap between demand and supply in terms of intensive care facilities. ICUs in the designated hospitals for treatment of coronavirus patients are not up to the mark for a lack of necessary equipment and skilled manpower.

Considering the situation, the government should take immediate measures to increase intensive care facilities across the country, and set up a specialised hospital with adequate number of ICU beds to treat coronavirus patients.

The worsening Covid-19 situation in the 

country is the consequence of sheer 

mismanagement and weak response  

In Bangladesh, public transports are plying all over the country without following the official guidelines. In many places, markets, shopping centres and city roads are crowded with street vendors and customers.  Every day, hundreds of people gather at local bazaars, which are believed to be the hotspots of spreading and contracting the virus.

While people around the world have been relentlessly trying to maintain social distance in a bid to fight the deadly coronavirus, it seems many people in Bangladesh just could not care less about it to contain further spread of the virus. In this critical situation, common people must abide by government orders issued to slowdown the spread of coronavirus. It is time to take drastic measure to compel people to maintain social distance and make sure that the food and financial assistance reach all vulnerable groups.

One of the biggest obstacles Bangladesh will face in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is a severe shortage of test kits and the supplies needed to perform the tests. Increasing the volume of the Covid-19 sample tests is an emergency right now to avert any devastating situation in Bangladesh. As our testing capacity is still inadequate to portray the real picture, we must take necessary steps to conduct adequate and accurate testing.