FF buried without state honour

Ismail Hossain, valiant Freedom Fighter died during treatment within 24-hour of writing a letter to the Whip of the Jatiya Sangsad Iqbalur Rahim, lamenting he does not want a state honour as a Freedom fighter during his funeral. ‘I don’t want to be buried through state honour and don’t seek a salute at my coffin from those who have stripped off my son from his job and made us homeless through kicking us on our stomachs. These words are typed as dictated by me at my death-bed’, wrote FF Ismail Hossain to the Whip of Jatiya Sangsad. 

Ismail Hossain died at M Abdur Rahim Medical College hospital in Dinajpur within a day after writing the letter. According to the will, FF Ismail Hossain of Jogibari village under Aliapur union of Dinajpur sadar upazila was buried without any State Honour as an FF at his village graveyard. Even, his dead body was not wrapped in the national flag.

It is learnt, just before starting of the funeral prayer, a smart police team headed by Magistrate Mohsin went to pay guard of honour to the coffin of FF Ismail but they returned without paying the honour as family members did not agree to do that. According to sources, Nur Islam son of Ismail was appointed as a driver on ‘No work, no pay’ basis under the recommendation of Whip Iqbalur Rahim. After the appointment Nur Islam used to work as a driver of Assistant Commissioner of land of Dinajpur Sadar. Afterwards, Ismail met with the Whip Iqbalur Rahim and informed him about various problems his son was facing during exercising his duty. The Whip asked ADC (revenue) to look after the problems of Nur Islam.

Being furious with the incident of contacting with the Whip and requesting him to solve the work-place problem of Nur Islam, the ADC (revenue) served notice to Nur Islam to evacuate the Khas, deserted house he was living with his family members. At the end of September, AC (land) employed Mrs. Nur Islam( wife of Nur Islam) to clean toilet and to cook meat at his house. But, on the allegation of the meat not being cooked properly, Nur Islam was ousted from his house and was relieved of his job.

In such situation, FF Ismail Hossain along with Jakaria, union General Secretary of AL, went to meet with the Deputy Commissioner of Dinajpur who also allegedly behaved roughly with them. Nur Islam also went with his wife and children to the wife of the AC (land) to seek pardon from her but after waiting for three hours they returned disappointed as she refused to meet them.

Ismail Hossain wrote after losing the job, finding no way, he with his son met with the Whip Iqbalur Rahim but the local administration treated that negatively and the result was, his son was not leading an inhuman life with his wife and son with no food and shelter. He expressed his grief that it was pity once risking his life he fought with arms on hands for the liberation of the country and now the last way of income of his son has been stripped off unjustly. He requested reinstating of the job of his son.

He further mentioned, he was utterly frustrated mentally after sudden sacking of his son from the job and if he dies, he did not want a state honour during his funeral by those officials like AC(land), UNO, ADC and the DC through whose acts his son has been sacked from the job.

Meanwhile, according to the last will, the Namaj e Janaza of Ismail Hossain was held at his village where, among others, former Upazila Chairman Advocate Mofazzal Hossain attended. After the Janaza prayer, Mofazzal Hossain said, FF Ismail Hossain sought assistance from many people for his treatment and he rejected the state honour because even after being a freedom fighter, he failed to meet with the local administrators. That is why being frustrated and furious with the behaviour of the public servants, he refused the state honour at his coffin.

Mahmudul Alam, Deputy Commissioner of Dinajpur informed, he did not any prior idea about the incidents. After hearing the news of death of a Freedom Fighter, he arranged to pay guard of honour at the coffin of the deceased FF but it was not possible because family members of the deceased refused to do that.