Female entrepreneurs to get loans at 5pc interest

Develop more women-friendly business policies

Published : 10 Aug 2021 08:44 PM | Updated : 11 Aug 2021 12:34 AM

The government’s time befitting measures to empower women across the country have heaped extensive praise. The relentless support which the government is giving to our women in order to make them self-reliant is commendable, to say the least.

In that continuity, female entrepreneurs will now get loans at only 5 percent interest as Bangladesh Bank has reduced the interest rate.

The central bank has launched this low-cost loan facility under its 'Small Enterprise Refinancing Scheme' and now banks and financial institutions will be able to make money from this scheme at 0.5 percent interest-only to give loans to women entrepreneurs at 5 percent interest across the country.

Authorities concerned should take 

necessary steps to develop more 

women-friendly business policies 

In this developing world, where women are progressing worldwide, in our country we are still facing this unfortunate fact of lack in women entrepreneurship. 

Therefore, a supportive environment should be created for the womenfolk in the country to provide them a better business environment. Access to capital is a major obstacle and banks here have to play a more vital role to give women entrepreneurs easy access to business loans. Or else this latest initiative of giving loans to our women at 5pc will be a failure.

We have to develop more women-friendly business policies to change the current scenario. They should be provided with proper training and funding so that the social stigma and economic obstacles that they face to become women entrepreneurs can be removed. Government should increase awareness so that negative attitude towards a woman trying to start a business disappears.