Fearless freedom fighters liberate Jashore on 6 December

The allied force of Mukti Bahini and Indian Army was intensifying their attacks on invader Pakistani Army every day since 1 December 1971 and Pakistani forces were losing battles everywhere in the country.

Jashore was the first district to be liberated from the grips of Pakistani Army. On 6 December, fearless freedom fighters completely defeated the Pakistani Army in Jashore, the district in the country’s south-west, and liberated the whole district after nine month of occupation by invader Pakistani force.

Freedom fighters, under their commander Major MA Manzur, fought fearlessly and freed the district from the clutches of the Pakistani invader army without any resistance. Pakistani occupation force in Jashore, weakened and demoralized by the valiant attacks of the freedom fighters, sensing their looming defeat retreated towards Khulna vacating Jashore Cantonment on the night of 5 December hiding themselves in the darkness.    

The heroic freedom fighters and allied forces entered the town early in the morning and were surprised as well as delighted to see the cowardice fleeing of Pakistani occupation force. Freedom fighters started returning in the town from different battle fields and gathered in front of the Town Hall in the district headquarters, holding the flags and festoons in their hands.

Listening the news of freeing Jashore from Pakistani occupation, freedom fighters across the country became very much impressed and intensify their attacks everywhere demoralizing and weakening the Pakistani Army every moment. Free Jashore became an inspiration to every freedom fighter, which also quickens the defeat of the Pakistani occupation force.