FBCCI to hold meeting on essential items on Nov 24

The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) will hold a meeting on November 24 with all the concerned stakeholders including traders of the essential items to keep the price of them like onion and salt stable, reports BSS.

The country’s apex trade body took the decision in the wake of various rumours and price hike of essentials like onion and salt in the country. The FBCCI also requested the traders of the consumer and essential items not to resort to any kind of unethical means to gain access profit. Talking to BSS, the FBCCI vice-president Siddiqur Rahman said the price of onion has already started to reduce and it would come down to normalcy and to a tolerable level within the next few days.

Turning to the huge buying spree of salt by the consumers today, he suspected that rumours might have led the consumers to buy salt to a huge volume. Siddiqur also urged the consumers not to pay heed to any kind of rumours adding, “There could be no reason for price hike of salt in the country as sufficient quantity of salt is stored.”

He said, “Essential items are always sophisticated and I’ll request all not to resort to any kind of unethical means to gain access profit. Besides, suggestions and opinions from the businessmen and traders will also be taken in the meeting to keep the market of essentials stable.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industries today said that there is no shortage of salt in the country and it would be possible to meet the demand of salt for the next five months with the present stock adding, “Besides, it’s also high time for producing salt. So, the apprehension of increasing the price of salt is completely a rumour.”

Industries Secretary Md Abdul Halim told BSS that the country has now a stock of over 6.5 lakh tonnes of salt across the country including 4.05 lakh tonnes to the farmers in Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar while the rest of 2.45 lakh tonnes to the godowns of various salt mills. “The demand of refined salt in the country per month is one lakh tonnes whereas the current stock is over 6.5 lakh tonnes. In that consideration, there is no question of arising any crisis and shortage of salt,” he added.

The Industries Secretary informed that Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) has already started to enhance its distribution system so that any vested quarter could not destabilize the market. “Besides, the government as well as the field-administration has also remained very much alert in this regard.”

Talking to the national news agency, Narayanganj Salt Mills Owners Association President Paritosh Kanti Saha said there is a no shortage of salt in the country as sufficient quantity of salt is stored. “It’s completely a rumour that the price of salt will increase in the wake of salt shortage.”