Father’s first film song in Dithi’s voice

For any filial child duties to father is considered by many to be the most important. Dithi Anwar, the daughter of a famous personality, is no exception. 

Gazi Mazharul Anwar, a renowned lyricist, film director, storyteller and producer of the subcontinent, wrote songs for the first time in his life in the movie ‘Ayna O Aboshishtosito’ directed by Subhash Dutta. 

The melody of the song was composed by Satya Saha. The song was sung by Bashir Ahmed and Anjuman Ara Begum. The first song written by her father in the movie was sung by his worthy successor Dithi Anwar out of respect for her father. 

The music of the new song has been arranged by Sound Hacker and the music video of the song has been made by Yusuf Ahmed Khan. 

Regarding the song, Dithi Anwar said, “Everybody does a good deed for ‘any first’ in everyone’s life. It was the first song written by my father in cinema and it is a milestone song in Bangladeshi cinema. 

For my father, this song has taken the place of a different feeling. That’s why I have a special fondness for this song. So I rendered the song in my voice out of respect for my father. It is true that I will never be able to sing like the revered Anjuman Ara. But I tried my best. I hope the listeners will like it.”

Meanwhile, Dithi Anwar presented a special concert in memory of the late composer, music director and lyricist Alauddin Ali on RTV last night. Alauddin Ali’s youngest daughter Rajkanya took part in the ceremony on the phone. Dithi Anwar’s conversation with him created an emotional atmosphere. 

Also, Dithi Anwar has also sung another song written by her father for a new project. Five more songs will be sung by her in Gazi Mazharul Anwar’s words. Meanwhile, Dithi Anwar has sung another new song written and composed by Sakhawat Hossain Maruf and arranged by Yusuf Ahmed Khan.