Farming of new variety of large jujube begins in Kishoreganj

Published : 18 Jan 2021 08:40 PM | Updated : 19 Jan 2021 01:05 PM

Ball Sundori Kul, a new variety of large jujube which looks like apple, is now being cultivated in Kishoreganj district. 

The farmers of Bangladesh are inclined to cultivate the Ball Sundori Kul. This is the first time that a farmer has cultivated Ball Sundori Kul at Pakundia upazila in Kishoreganj district. 

Shafiqul Alam of Adityapasha village in Pakundia upazila, cultivates Ball Sundori Kul on one bigha of land. This is the first time in the district that someone has cultivated Ball Sundori Kul. 

Visiting the area, it was seen that Shafiqul Alam planted 200 Ball Sundori Kul saplings in one bigha of land. Seven months after planting, the jujube which is locally known as boroi came and he was overjoyed. 

Each tree has grown 15 to 20 kg kul. These kul ones are being sold at Tk 150 per kg from the garden. Buyers are interested in buying this fruit as it is pesticide free. 

Farmers are expecting more yield in the future after getting good yield in the first year. Even the color of the Ball Sundori Kul and the size of the kul as like as apple have caused a huge response in the area.

Farmer Shafiqul Alam said, “On the advice of Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Hamimul Haque Sohag, I show courage, interest and invest in the cultivation of Ball Sundori Kul. I hope I will make enough profit and tell other farmers to cultivate this Ball Sundori Kul. They will be able to get sufficient profit in this Ball Sundori Kul cultivation. I think this cool farming will play a role in reducing unemployment.”

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Hamimul Haque Sohag said that the shape of Ball Sundori Kul is comparatively much bigger. Ball Sundori Kul has become a popular variety among the farmers as it is delicious in the field and has a good market price. Fruits are available in the 1st year of planting. There is an opportunity to make a profit by selling it and raising the cost of setting up a garden.