Farmers start preparing Char lands as Jamuna water level decreases

Published : 29 Oct 2022 09:37 PM

As the water of Jamuna risen the the past few months, the fields of various vegetable crops including pulses were flooded in the grazing areas, the small trees that have just sprouted under the water for a few days rot and perish in the water. In the meantime, as the water has receded from the land, the farmers of different Char areas of Bara Upazila in Pabna district are again busy in farming.

Farmer Sattar Bepari of Charsandashia village, Aziz Molla of Charnakalia village, Hazrat Molla of Char Bengalia village, Ghaznabi Molla of Char Safulla village, Shukur Ali of Char Paikhand village, Ayyub Nabi of Ahalia village and local UP member Zahid Molla of Char Nagdah village said that Two weeks ago, due to the sudden increase in the water level of the Jamuna River, the low-lying lands of these areas were submerged in water for 7-8 days, causing extensive damage to several thousand bighas of freshly planted pulses and various vegetable crops. 

Due to submersion in water, the newly sprouted plants of crops planted in these lands rot and perish in the water. As a result, the farmers of the mentioned area are also facing financial threat. 

The affected farmers of grazing areas said that due to the water receding from the land, they are trying to buy pulses seeds and cultivate them with tractors in some lands and sprinkle new seeds in the fields without plowing some lands. 

However, they said that there will be more news in fish farming this year. Farmers of these areas are inclined to cultivate winter vegetable crops in the field once again, thinking about the future and in order to compensate the loss to some extent due to water |


Many farmers have expressed apprehension that untimely pulses will not be very good, as these plants do not grow in winter, so many farmers have insisted on sowing khesari seeds instead of mashkalai seeds.