Farmers benefiting a lot by farming two varieties of fruits on same land

Published : 03 Nov 2020 08:42 PM | Updated : 04 Nov 2020 06:18 AM

A farmer in Chawgacha upazila of Jashore district has made a lot of profit by cultivating two types of fruits in the same land. The fruits are Dragon and plum. Seeing the cultivation of two types of fruits on the same land, many farmers are now interested to the cultivation. Already each plum tree has a huge amount of plum. At the same time, the main crop Dragon is also growing well.

Many people are happy to see two crops being cultivated on the same land at the same time, the farmers are also thinking of cultivating in the same way in future.

This year, in Chawgacha upazila, Dragon has been cultivated in 10 hectares of land and plum cultivation in 80 hectares of land.

Rabiul Mandal, a farmer, son of late Elahi Mandal of Sultanpur village in Hakimpur union of the upazila said my family lives by working in agriculture. He has been very successful in cultivating paddy and jute every year as well as cultivating this new crops.

In continuation of that success, improved varieties of dragons have been cultivated about two bighas of land along the Chowgacha main road in the village field this year. Dragon is a long-term crop, it also takes a long time for the tree to give fruit.

He planted the seedlings of the beautiful variety in the whole land. At present, all the land are full of flowers and fruits.If there is no natural calamity due to the amount of fruit that has appeared, he thinks that the money spent will come up by selling the plums. 

It can be seen in the ground that farmer Rabiul Mandal is intensively tending his fields. 

He said, ‘Dragon farming has gained wide recognition in the Chowgacha upazila area.Farmers are benefiting by cultivating dragon. Considering that aspect, this year I am cultivating dragon in two bighas of land. I decided to cultivate plums with the dragon and in a day or two I planted beautiful seedlings of plum in the whole land. At present all the trees have fruits. Separate fertilizers and pesticides have to be applied for the two crops. There is no problem for this.”

Rabiul Mandal also said that plum farming with dragons is a good initiative. All those farmers are expressing interest in such cultivation in future.

Raisuddin, Chowgacha upazila agriculture officer, said dragon has been cultivated in 10 hectares of land in Chaugachha and plum cultivation in 80 hectares of land. Cultivation with dragons is undoubtedly a good initiative. The Agriculture Office is working for the farmers to take such new initiatives he added.