Farin gets acknowledged for Farooki’s TVC

Popular actress of small screen is Tasnia Farin; she has garnered acclaim by starring in numerous drama-telefilms. Farin has recently come into discussion again after working on a TVC. She was seen in a whole new way in the TVC under the direction of Farooki. The advertisement calls for taking a stand against all violence against this actress.

Our silence is their courage. That is why the advertisement has been made recently with the main statement that not a single hair is spared in the violence against women. This is an advertisement for jasmine coconut oil. This is also being broadcast on various social media and TV channels.

Regarding the advertisement, the producer Mostofa Sarwar Farooki said, "I did the TVC of Jasmine Coconut oil in the middle of the shooting of my web series." The shooting took place from 16 to 18 March.

Advertisements spread on social media show that women are victims of violence on the streets and in offices. But at one stage, when the affected women protested, the perpetrators retreated. Farin called for a stand against all violence. In the meantime, this 51 second advertisement has received a great response on social media. 

Netizens are praising. Ever since the ad TVC was aired last year, there has been a flurry of discussion on social media, especially among girls. The video has been viewed about 11 million times so far.

In this context, Tasnia Farin said, I have seen the previous work of Jasmine. The new TVC has been created in its continuation. I am proud to be associated with Jasmine in this project as a woman. With that I did the job out of a sense of responsibility as an actress. Actress Tasnia Farin has also written her name in the web series titled ‘Troll’ opposite Ziaul Farooq Apurba.