‘Fariha Park’ in Barishal gains popularity

Published : 29 Aug 2022 07:25 PM | Updated : 29 Aug 2022 07:25 PM

Different types of fruits and flowers, trees and gardens. Planting of shrubs on both sides has made attractive paths for walking. A water fountain has been placed in the middle of the pond, a speedboat floating in the pond. Small benches are placed around the pond. Scattered are small circular houses of colored tin.

After dusk, red-blue, yellow-green lamps are lit. In the open area of the garden there are coffee houses, tea houses, chatpotti-fuchkas and various kinds of food stalls. There are swings, spinning wheels, boats, etc. for children's sports and entertainment. This eye-catching place has been named 'Fariha Park'.

Beautiful Park has been developed in Gournadi Upazila of Barishal. Within a short span of time the park has become known as one of the tourist attractions of the district. Although could not achieve full success. But it is being gradually arranged. Days are passing and form is spreading. At the same time, the crowd of people is increasing.

Sharmin Akhter who came to visit the park said our village is next to the park. My son and relatives have come here to visit. The park next to the house looks good. It has become so beautiful in such a short time.

Gournadi Upazila Chhatra League leader HM Shibli, Many people including Md. Babar said that the park has a good environment for entertainment. Traveling with family in leisure time makes the mind feel better. I congratulate the public representative Md. Farhad Munshi for providing such an environment for a long time.

Residents of Gournadi Municipality, Swapna Amin, Shukla Rani Bhowmik, teacher Radha Rani, Mousumi Akhter, said that Gournadi has not had a good place for entertainment for a long time. The park has developed into a beautiful, scenic recreation center in a short period of time. The crowd of entertainment lovers is increasing every day. But till now good atmosphere is maintained. It is the desire of the authorities and administration that such a healthy environment should be maintained.

Gournadi Model Police Station OC Afzal Hossain said, I have already visited the park with my family. It's been pretty good. Efforts will always be made to maintain law and order here.

The builder of Fariha Park and Vice Chairman of Gournadi Upazila Parishad Nuruzzaman Farhad Munshi said that Fariha Garden has been constructed in Kattaksthal area of Barthi Union of Upazila for entertainment lovers. Along with installing rides for children, new flower gardens have been planted to enhance the beauty of the park. Ample trees have been planted in the park. The park has various beautiful works of art and sculptures. Considering the visitors coming to the park, the restaurant has been opened inside.

He also said that the work of widening the road to enter the park is going on. These works will be complete very soon. He hopes that the park built in rural areas away from the hustle and bustle of the city will bring peace to the minds of the entertainment lovers.