Faria taking a break

Faria Shahrin is a model and actor. She recently returned to the country after completing her education. After returning she is working on new advertisements and dramas. But currently she is not doing any projects. The actor is spending time with her family. 

Today is Faria’s birthday. She has no special plans for her birthday because her grandmother has been admitted to the hospital. She is not going to be celebrationg her birthday this time for that reason. 

Faria said, ‘Everyone in my family is worried as my grandmother is very sick. I have made no plans for my birthday because of this situation. I might spend some time with my friends. I want to ask everyone to pray for my grandmother so that she gets well soon. May she come home soon by the grace of Allah.’

Faria has joined the cast of Deepto TV’s drama serial ‘Bhalobashar Alo Adhar’. In the show she plays the role of a DB officer. 

Faria said, ‘My character is very challenging and glamorous. That is why I am enjoying being in the drama.’

Faria’s only film to date is ‘Akash Koto Dure’ directed by Samia Zaman. Though she received proposals to act in more films, she didn’t accept any of them. However, she said that if she finds a story to her liking she will once again act in films.