Faria Shahrin TVC after two years

Model actress Faria Shahrin has coampleted her honours in Media Marketing from Asia Pacific University in Malaysia. Right after she got back she busied herself in doing new work. 

Faria took part in the shooting of an advertisement on BFDC's third floor yesterday. The model actress has been modeled in the advertising of Cook Wear of a multinational corporation (SKB) led by ad maker Rana Masud. Faria says this is a story based TVC.

Referring to working in the advertisement, Faria Shahrin said, “I feel more comfortable working in advertising than acting. The audience has come to know me more through advertising work rather than my acting in dramas. Moreover, through advertising I can reach the audience very quickly. Earlier, I worked as an advertising model under the direction of Rana Masud. Because of that I have confidence in his work. So I did it again. Everything has been going very good. I'm optimistic about the TVC.”

Rana Masud said that the advertisement will come on commercial breaks after all the work is done. Through working in this TVC Faria is working for an ad after nearly two years. Last two years ago, Faria was modeled in an advertisement directed by Ronnie Bhowmick.

Faria added, "There have been talks with a number of directors already. There are several scripts on hand and I am reading them carefully. If I like the story and the character, I will start acting in dramas again.”

Rana Masud said, "The story will hopefully be enjoyed by the audience. Faria has done a great job here. I also tried to do something good. I believe the audience will find something good in this.” 

But Faria said she wants to keep herself busy for the next two years in acting. Faria is keen to get married as well as work on good stories.

Faria said, "The truth is that marriage is in the hands of God. I will marry whenever god wants. It may also happen that 

I can get married anytime all 

on sudden.”