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Lockdown blessing

Family ties cemented

Published : 13 Aug 2020 09:13 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:54 PM

The outbreak of the Covid -19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown has created an opportunity for families across the country to cement familial bonding that was not easy to come in normal time. 

While bringing havoc on every sphere of life, the all-engulfing crisis has enforced parents and kids and even relatives to stay under the same roof for a long time,resulting in deepening relationships for future, say health experts. 

According to a Redfield and Wilton Strategies data survey on Germany, France, Italy and Spain indicated that amid the lockdown respondents realized their relationship have strengthened than before.

The survey has shown that the bonding between families and close friends in this lockdown has become sturdier.

The survey was conducted on 6 thousand participants to get an idea of how the COVID-19 has continued to affect daily life. However, there is no exact study in Bangladesh regarding this.

Motahar Hossain, a software engineer of a telecom operator,retelling his lockdown experience told this correspondent over phone that, “Bonding between my daughter and wife has been enhanced. When, I got infected my wife and daughter supportedme to stay mentally strong.”

On virtual communication in the midst of lockdown Bulbul Hasan, a private bank employee said, “Over Facebook and phone, I talked with my relatives. In this period of pandemic, my school and college friends came closer to me.”

“Lockdown was a blessing in disguise, because usually, I remain busy with my colleagues and works. In normal time I don’t get free time to talk to them,” he added.

Talking to The Bangladesh Post public health expert Dr. Ahmed Hussain said, “In a sense we can say that relationship among people has strengthened, especially between parents and children. Adults also received special care because of the corona’s looming effect.” 

“From my perspective, parents have cared their children thanbefore. Usually they don’t get much time to take careof their kids due to busy city life. In the meantime, digital communication platformshave helped people to nurture relationships”, Dr. Ahmed mentioned.

Regarding psychological impact of coronavirus clinical psychologist Dr.Anisur Rahman told The Bangladesh Post, “People feared too much but our country seems relatively doing well. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our relationships. In many cases marital relation faced the hardest time, violence against women and children also increased.”

On the other hand, as people stayed home for a long period they got a plenty of time to revive their old relationships. Threads of relationship became stronger digitally but not physically, he added.

He also said, age and gender play an important role how people handle relationships. In this lockdown, women have played an imperative role in maintaining communication and social relationship. 

“Especially womens have played an important role in taking care of the relationships. Besides, they also suffered from anxieties amid the lockdown,” he continued.