Family that lost 5 members in Liberation War yet to be recognised

Published : 17 Jul 2020 09:47 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 12:15 AM

When the democratic government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been doing anything and everything for the freedom fighters and their family members, a family in a remoter Jhenaidah has expressed their concern as the family was not recognized even after 50 years of the Liberation War. 

But five members of the said family sacrificed their lives during the great movement for independence. They were not recognized, nor were they given any facility. The family members want only recognition about their sacrifice during the time.

China Khatun, daughter of Shahid Moksedur Rahman of Gilabaria village in Jhenaidah Sadar upazila expressing her sorrow said she along with her parents Moksedur Rahman and Sakina Khatun, three brothers and a sister were staying on the ground of their house on December 5 in 1971. 

The brave sons of the soil were fighting against the autocratic Pakistani rulers and defeating them everywhere. 

Suddenly an airplane dropped bombs targeting the innocent family members. Her father Moksedur Rahman’s body was mangled and he died on the spot. Later her mother Sakina Khatun (wife of Moksedur Rahman) and her two sons Lata and Pata and a daughter Ranu Khatun died one after another there. 

China Khatun added she survived with bomb injury anyway, while another son Mijanur Rahman escaped as he was staying outside the house. China Khatun after losing five members was disheartened and the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had sanctioned a bank cheque for Taka two thousand for the affected 6 family members then.

Siddiqque Ahmed, a commander of the freedom fighters in Jhenaidah when contacted said the bomb attack from the aeroplane was carried out  when the Pakistani hyenas probably came to know that the family of Moksedur Rahman was involved in helping the independence loving freedom fighters in the area.

The freedom fighter said the contribution of the family of Moksedur Rahman should be recognized immediately when we are enjoying the independence.

Shahinur Rahman, a grandson to Moksedur Rahman said the family was not recognized when the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been honouring the martyred freedom fighters, injured and others involved with the liberation movement anyway. But no one was coming forward to stand by the distressed family members when 50 years already gone away. 

Badruddoza Subho, Upazila nirbahi officer (UO) in Jhenaidah Sadar when contacted for his comments, said they did not receive any letter to enroll any name in the list of affected family during the liberation war hours. 

If the government thinks so he must take necessary measures in the regard, UNO assured.