Fall in prices frustrates Chatmohar lemon growers

Published : 01 Jul 2021 08:42 PM

Despite the increasing demand, lemons are being sold at a very low price in the local markets of Chatmohar upazila in Pabna due to high production and abundant market supply. 

Moreover, many times lemon farmers are returning home without selling their produces for lack of wholesale buyers. As a result local lemon growers are now at their wits end Amid this Corona pandemic situation, farmers were selling lemons at an excellent price even four months ago. However, over the last two weeks, the market price of lemons has dropped drastically.  Lemons of different varieties including China and Thai ones, produced in the Upazila are currently being sold at Tk 8 to 12 per kg, informed the farmers.

Johnny Hossain, a lemon farmer from Dolong village of the upazila, said, “I sold a dozen of lemons for around Tk 120 at times. In the last two years, many people from different villages of Chatmahar have resorted to lemon cultivation as it has been greatly profitable”. 

“However, at the present time, the price of lemon has come down. When a liter of water is being sold at Tk 20 to 25 in the market, lemons are being sold at Tk 8 to 12 per kg”, he added hinting that lemons are even selling cheaper than water. Firoza Parveen, a college teacher from Dolong village and female vice chairman of Chatmohar Upazila Parishad, has set up a lemon orchard next to her house. She said she every 100 local lemons are being sold at Tk 55 to 60 whereas, they have to pay workers Tk 15 for picking 100 lemons from a tree. 

Besides, transportation cost and warehousing commission have to be paid, she added. Maqbool Hossain, storekeeper of Chatmohar Thana Bazar, said that such a situation has arisen due to the supply of more lemons than the demand in the market the demand in the market.

Chatmohar Upazila Agriculture Officer AA Masum Billah said lemons are being grown on about 20 hectares of land in different areas of the upazila. At present, Chinese, Thai, seedless and native lemons are being cultivated in Chatmohar. At present, the price has come down due to high supply.