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Fahad wins after two draws

Published : 07 May 2024 09:32 PM

International Master (IM) Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh has finally won a match in the Dubai Police Grandmasters Chess after defeating Women International Master Nurman Alua of Kazakhstan. 

The Bangladesh International Master (IM) won the match in the third round on Monday night after the first two rounds were drawn.  His position is 22nd with two points at the end of the third rounds.

Fahad’s opponent IM Nurman Alua, who was playing with a rating of 2307, could not though any challenge, as Fahad won the match quite easily.

Fahad will face one of the top rated Grandmaster (GM) Bakhidov Zagrir (2599) of Uzbekistan in his next match. 

Bangladesh did not get any Grand Master after 2009. Fahad Rahman has been trying to become a GM for the last two years. He secured a GM Norm in Vietnam last month and now he needs two norm to be a Grand Master.  General secretary of the Bangladesh Chess Federation, Syed Shahb Uddin Shamim when talking to Bangladesh Post on Tuesday about Fahad’s obtaining norm to be a GM, said, “It’s a very tough tournament where world’s top Grand Masters participate.” 

“In the first day he played very well, following the system he had to face big players. It is tough to say whether he would earn norm in this tournament but we can expect, as he performed in the last matches.” 

“But it is tough and far away to reach the goal. Today (Tuesday) also he is going to face a Grand Master and this is very important match, if he would win, it would be a huge advantage for him.” Now his maturity developed a much and after drawing against to giants, morally he is strong.  

“Though it is very much tough but the way he is playing, if he would continue the stride, we are expecting he would be able to earn a norm,” Shahab Uddin revealed.  

Shahb Uddin also informed - “In a nine round tournament to earn seven points is really very much challenging. 

Now he would have to win at least five matches. 

“We are highly expecting that he would earn a norm from this tournament, his next tournament in Kazakhstan. 

He will fly to Kazak from Dubai after this tournament. The values of these tournaments are very high, now he is very nearer to be a Grand Master. 

If he could earn a norm from this tournament then he would just one norm away to be a Grand Master and hope in Kazakhstan he would be able to complete the journey to reach the goal,” Shahab Uddin said.      

“We are supporting him to boost up his mental strength as Elegant providing him the tour expenses to take part in the competitions.”              

Meanwhile, Fahad, Bangladesh's International Master had surprising results in the ongoing Dubai Police Global Chess Challenge – MASTERS in Dubai on Sunday night.  Fahad stunned GM Hans Moke Niemann of the USA, who had defeated reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen in 2022 forcing to a draw after having inflicted the same result on another Super Grandmaster, Yangyi Yu of China, in the first round on Friday.