Fagun Audio Vision brings ‘BhaloBashar Bisesh Panchphoron’ on Feb 14

Published : 12 Feb 2024 09:47 PM

Fagun Audio Vision brings a Valentine's Day special programme titled “Valobasar Bisesh Panchphoron. This production house is the first package programme maker in the country and is prominent in making package programme for special days such as Valentine's Day, Eid, and Pohela Boishakh.

Panchphoron is a different genre of magazine program. Dramatically presenting each of its items, this event has been held on special days of the year for the last two decades. The country's first satellite channel, ATN Bangla, is being broadcast like every year; this time too, various arrangements are presented in different ways.

This year's Valobasar Bisesh Panchphoron features a love story. The storyline showcases a man and his wife going on a tour of a place in an open environment with a gentle nature. It is a resort surrounded by nature to get in touch with each other, and after that, various incidents happened between them there. Songs, dramas, and everything wonderful on various subjects will come throughout the programme.

There will be no specific presenter. Various star artists from the country will present this programme in various ways.

Starring Mir Sabbir Mahmud and Sarika Sabrin as husband and wife, this year's Panchphoron.

There are three original songs in this programme, the music director and voice artists are Akash Mahmud & Sraboni Shayantony. Alamin Jomaddar Sobuj  and  Ashique Mahmud composed the lyrics of the song titled ‘Tokei Sudhu Chai'.

Another song has been sung by this generation's music artist, Shams Sumon. The song is composed by Kownine Shourov. The song’s music director is Mehedi. Dancer and actress Ivana participated as the model in the song.

Besides anchoring, Mir Sabbir Mahmud and Sarika Sabrin have been filmed together in a love song. The song is picturized in some lovely locations.

The songs are rich in aesthetic imagery and excellent performances by the artists, which will please the audience.

Another episode contains the story of a village doctor. A humanistic report on retired health education deputy director Satyakam Chakraborty, who is providing free medical treatments to the locals of Srimangal Upazila in Moulvibazar. He has been providing this service for four years with love.

Another episode will show a fox, which is a wild nocturnal animal that has been seen in the bush or in a hideout or hole, but this time Panchphoron films a fox that walks in daylight in localities.

There are some interesting dramas about love in different guises.

Popular actors acted in it. The artists are Subhashis Bhowmik, Masum Basher, M.A. Salam, Zillur Rahman, Mili Basher, Iqbal Hossain, Noor A Kanchan, Nadia Haque, Anwar Shahi, Nazrul Islam, Anwarul Alam Sajal, Siam Nasir, Silvia Quiah, Monalisa Dipa, sajjad saju, Rumi, Suborna Mozumder and many others.

The program will be telecast on ATN Bengali on February 14th, Wednesday, at 07:50 pm courtesy of Kaya Cosmetics Limited.