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Factories to remain closed once a week

Published : 07 Aug 2022 09:06 PM | Updated : 07 Aug 2022 09:06 PM

The government has decided to close the factories once a week under an area-wise rationing system in a bid to minimise the ongoing power crisis, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said. 

"Industries of different areas will remain closed on different days of the week. The process is expected to save 490MW of electricity, he said after a views exchange meeting with business leaders at Biddyut Bhaban in the capital on Sunday.

"The measure is temporary. The Power Division thinks it will come out of the load shedding gradually from the next month," he said while talking to reporters.

The state minister said, “Uninterrupted power supply will be possible from October. Then hopefully, there will be no more load shedding.”

"The demand for power will come down by October in the advent of winter season in the country. So, the problem of load shedding will be resolved," explained the state minister.

He said the rationing system for industrial operation will save 500-550 megawatts of electricity a day.

Requesting everyone to be a little patient, he added, “Load shedding will reduce further from September. We will increase production by balancing the increase in the amount of gas. From October, we can move to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply.” 

The country has been experiencing up to two-hour power outage since July 19 as the government announced the load shedding as a part of measures to save foreign currencies. The reserve of foreign currencies has fallen to below $40 billion for a record high in import bills. 

The government also halted electricity production at all diesel-run power plants, which contribute 1,000-1,500 megawatts of electricity to the national grid and directed closure of shops and markets by 8pm daily.