Factories lag behind in workplace safety

Exemplary punishment needs to be ensured

Published : 28 Sep 2021 08:50 PM | Updated : 04 Oct 2021 08:18 PM

Tragedy in garments and factories is a common phenomenon in our country. Countless deaths occur throughout the year because of lack in safety measures in the factories and garments. Weeping family members of missing workers anxiously waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones has become a regular sight.

Almost five years have passed since the inspection of factories after the Rana Plaza tragedy but the remediation process of improving safety and compliance in most of the factories is yet to be completed.

Unless and until exemplary punishments are 

being set, accidents will constantly happen 

and poor workers will continue to die

Experts opine that the factories that haven’t completed repair works are gradually pressurized to close down by DIFE. Recommendations are also given to BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association) to cancel some of the facilities.

If the factories continue to run their operations in a risky state, it can bring about a more severe humanitarian catastrophe. Rehabilitation of these factories is needed in a specific and different area of the city through government initiative. The factories that haven’t completed the repair works should be given exemplary punishment through closure so that the other factories get a message and take necessary steps accordingly.

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Industrial and factorial accidents are frequently occurring because those responsible for these vicious accidents are not held accountable, or have managed to escape through various loopholes that exist within our law structure. Unless and until exemplary punishments are being set, accidents will constantly happen and poor workers will continue to die.

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