Facebook facilitates workshop on online safety with BRAC

Published : 05 Dec 2020 09:06 PM | Updated : 06 Dec 2020 03:41 PM

Facebook facilitated a virtual workshop on online safety in partnership with BRAC in Dhaka. Facebook has partnered with BRAC to raise awareness on gender-based violence and help create safe digital space for women during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. 

“At Facebook, we have strict policies against content that depicts, threatens or promotes violence or exploitation,” said Amber Hawkes, Facebook’s Regional Head of Safety. “We are happy to partner with BRAC to share resources and give people the power to use the platform safely and responsibly.”

During the workshop, Hawkes listed a range of tools that can be leveraged to block and report online abuse. She also discussed policies and technology that prevent actions that negatively impact women, such as sharing non-consensual intimate images. 

Facebook works with nonprofits and academics around the world to shape products, policies, and create a safe space for women to communicate and build community. In Bangladesh, Facebook has plans to develop programs to promote responsible digital citizenship, including safer internet practices. 

"Ensuring a safe environment for women, both online and offline, is a long standing commitment of BRAC. We need conscious citizen ambassadors and we are glad that Facebook is partnering with us in that endeavour." said MoutushiKabir, Director, Communication & Outreach, BRAC and BRAC International.