FA Sumon’s songs garner popularity

The popular musician of the time FA Sumon has recently launched his own YouTube channel. Of course, he also had a YouTube channel before. But after it got suspended, a few days ago, a new YouTube channel called ‘FA Sumon Official’ was launched. 

A few years ago, FA Sumon’s popular song ‘Janre Tui’ was enjoyed by over 70 million viewers. But later the song was uploaded anew on G-Series YouTube channel. The song has already been enjoyed by over 12 million people. 

He has a number of songs while are revolving around the 10 to 20 million viewership. But there is one song that is hovering around 30 million views that is ‘Ghum Parani Bondhu’. A few days ago, the song crossed the milestone of 30 million views.

The song is written by Sohag Wajiullah, composed by Arif Hossain and arranged by Anu Mostafiz. 

The video was made by Saddam Hussein Saad. Palash Khan and Jannat were the models. 

Regarding the fact that multiple songs by him have crossed the ten million mark, FA Sumon said, “I am one of the first two of our generation whose songs have crossed the ten million mark in Bangladesh. 

To be honest, the audience is now listening to songs on YouTube. That’s why viewers are an important topic at the present time. But I always try to give my fans a gift of good songs. 

I am fascinated by the response I get from different parts of Bangladesh for my songs. I am indebted to everyone’s love. Everyone please pray for me so that I can present more good songs.”

Several songs have also been released on Eid by Sumon. Meanwhile, the song ‘Ar Kato Dukhho Dibi’ released on the YouTube channel of South Tech has received a good response. 

The song is written by Ahmed Rizvi, composed by Ovi Akash and arranged by FA Sumon. Sujan and Ishrat have modelled in the music video of the song under the direction of Bikash Saha. FA Sumon will also appear with new songs on Eid-ul-Adha.