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Extremist student groups return to DU

Published : 12 Sep 2019 10:14 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 10:54 PM

Some extremist groups are allegedly using Dhaka University Central Students Union or DUCSU leadership to get back in student’s politics and strengthen their influence at Dhaka University. Sources said that DUCSU Vice-President Nurul Haque Nur, who is believed to have links with some extreme student’s political groups, is helping such communal students political groups in gaining ground in students’ politics in the DU campus. DUCSU AGS Saddam Hossain alleges that the extremist groups are openly using DUCSU VP position to return to DU politics.

Saddam said, ‘‘We mentioned before that using DUCSU VP position many of communal groups are trying to establish radicalised political movement in DU.” As an evidence Saddam pointed out to affiliation of Islami Sasontontro Chhatra Andolon leadership when they showed their solidarity to Nurul Haque Nur after his harassment in front of the DU VC’s resident where he had staged a sit-in protest.

‘‘The radical groups also use the DU dormitory room of DUCSU VP to carry out and campaign for radicalism in the campus,’’ Saddam stated. Saddam expressed serious concerns and said, “It’s a grave situation for general students of DU and they should resist communal ill-politics in the campus.”

Khelafat Andolon, Islami Sasontontro Chhatra andolon, Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir are the maintain students registered organisations operating in DU campus and openly maintain connection DUCSU VP Nur. This correspondent on Wednesday met with DUCSU VP at the campus and also noticed presence of some leaders and activists of Khelafat Mojlis. Turning down the allegations DUCSU VP Nurul Haque Nur said, ‘‘I have no connection with any banned political organizations. The allegations are lame excuses.’’   ‘‘DCUSU VP literally represents beyond the boundaries of Dhaka University campus. It has significance in history of Bangladesh’s politics, especially in in politics of students,” he said. Other students organization leaders often come to me as they recognise DUCSU. My duty is to maintain friendly relations with all the student’s body,’’ Nurul Haque added. Dhaka University proctor AKM Golam Rabbani told Bangladesh Post. ‘‘There is no place for communal politics in Dhaka University, we will take stern actions to check and resist the attempts of their returns to DU campus.