Extreme traffic becomes headache for Kishoreganj

Published : 06 Nov 2022 09:49 PM | Updated : 06 Nov 2022 09:49 PM

Traffic congestion, illegal parking and occupation of footpaths in Kishoreganj Municipal Town has become a misery for the residents. There are only illegal vehicles, illegal stands, footpath encroachments all around. Three-wheelers are plentiful on major main roads and alleys.

Residents complain that most of the roads in the city are narrow. A significant part of this is occupied by parking and shopkeepers. As a result, there are no sidewalks except for a few roads in the city. And even if you go to walk through the lane, auto rickshaws often run over you. However, despite all this, the activities of the municipal authorities to resolve traffic congestion are limited only to assurances.

It is known that about three lakh people live in Kishoreganj city. About 24 thousand 500 people live in every square kilometer. Although more than 600 battery-powered three wheelers are allowed to ply in the municipal city with an area of 10.37 square kilometers, about 6000 battery-powered three wheelers ply. Apart from this, about two thousand mixers move in this city. The city has become uninhabitable in the last six years. The life of the city dwellers is poisoned by the severe traffic jams and the terrible noise pollution caused by these vehicles. Apart from this, Kishoreganj is ranked tenth in the list of polluted cities.

Al-Amin Murad, a resident of the city, said that the current condition of Kishoreganj municipality, which belongs to the first class of the country, and the civic services are very fragile. People are forced to walk dangerously on the main road due to the illegal shops of seasonal hawkers and traders along the road blocking the road. As a result, traffic jams are now a daily occurrence in this city. The traffic police have to be very busy to control the traffic jam.

According to sources, a total of 52 people are on regular duty with traffic, including 22 people at 10 points in the city. But their role in solving the traffic jam is very insignificant.

It has been seen on the ground that the passengers are stuck in traffic for about 30 to 40 minutes in Sadar Hospital, Judge Court area, Kalibari Mor, Puran Thana, Ekrampur, Terpatti Mor, Bara Bazar, Gaurang Bazar, Akhra Bazar Mor. But the walking distance is 5 to 7 minutes.

Municipal Mayor Md Parvez Mia was repeatedly called on his mobile phone but the number was found to be switched off. Police Super Mohammad Rasel Sheikh said, "Traffic law is being implemented." Traffic duty hours have been extended. The traffic system is better than before.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shamim Alam said that in the law and order committee meeting, the police administration and the municipal mayor have been instructed to ensure that trucks do not enter the city during the day and auto rickshaws from outside the city do not enter the city. There are stands for CNG and battery-powered three wheelers at various entry points into the city.