Extreme heat forces people to stay at home

Published : 16 Jul 2022 12:37 AM | Updated : 16 Jul 2022 12:37 AM

The Rangpur region is burning with intense heat. Public life has become miserable in the scorching heat. The highest temperature recorded in Rangpur on Thursday was 37.4 degrees Celsius. Which was the highest temperature of the season. This has had a negative impact on entertainment centers in Rangpur after Eid-ul-Azha. Rangpur's scenic spots and children's parks are seen empty during the day as people cannot get out of their houses in the scorching heat. However, when the sun goes down a bit in the afternoon, these entertainment centers become crowded and continue till night. From two to two and a half hours in the afternoon, people flock to the sights, amusement centers and children's parks. This time, people have to fight to get a ticket. Even then, due to the heat, it is not possible to show all the events to the boys and girls, including walking around in comfort. The children are running like themselves in the midst of hardships, along with the parents.

In the afternoon, Rangpur Amusement Park Zoo, Children's Park, Chikli Beel, Water Park, Survi Udyan, Nisbetganj Ghaghat River, Rangpur Town Hall Square, Tajhat Zamindar Bari, Centenary Teesta Railway Bridge, Teesta Park, Gangastach The slope of the people across the point. Entertainment lovers are getting stuck in long traffic to go to these places. The traffic police is struggling to cope with this.

The Abdur Rahman couple brought their children to Rangpur Children's Park. They could not go out in the morning because of the sun. They came in the afternoon. However, it took about an hour to enter the children's park after buying the ticket. 

They said it was not possible to get on every ride due to the crowd. Despite the inclement weather, the children rejoiced in the Teesta Park of Kaunia till evening. Jamil Hossain, a boatman, earned his living by taking a boat trip to the Teesta. 

He said the park was empty from morning till noon due to intense sun and heat. People came in the afternoon. But no one wants to get on the boat after dusk. As a result, his income has also decreased.

Hazrat Ali, the lessee of Rangpur Amusement Park and Zoo, said that this time the entertainment centers have been empty since morning due to heat wave after Eid. 

In the afternoon, the authorities are having trouble to control the crowd. Everyone is arriving at the same time and many are going back because they cannot push the crowd. However, he hoped that the attendance would increase if the weather was normal.