Extra beds in key hospitals

We must equip ourselves to fight Covid-19

The hospitals in the capital and outside are gearing up to treat people infected with coronavirus. Hospital beds are being added as a temporary measure to deal with the increase in patients due to the virus. Construction of a new hospital and treatment of other diseases in Dhaka and other areas is also underway. 

Currently, several hospitals are available for treating coronavirus patients while other hospitals are introducing corona treatment units in response to the rising number of cases in the country. Several corporate institutions are doing their part and lending a helping hand by donating to the Prime Minister's Corona Prevention Fund. Some institutions are also offering space to build corona treatment units.

Amid the outbreak, there will also be 

patients  suffering from other ailments 

who will need emergency treatment

Isolation units and coronavirus detection lab are being prepared in many districts across the country. The authorities should also recruit emergency healthcare staff on order to tackle this crisis. The healthcare systems of many countries affected by coronavirus are already overwhelmed. Bangladesh is fortunate enough to be able to prepare in advance for the coming crisis and we should not waste a single second. 

Already there are calls for building "pop-up" hospitals, as in China, or converting hotels and other facilities to temporary hospital wards. Amid the outbreak, there will also be patients suffering from other ailments who will need emergency treatment. The authorities must ensure that each and every person receives the proper treatment. 

Medical equipment, especially ventilators, must be mass purchased in advance to prevent a shortage. Extra PPE for doctors and other healthcare workers must be arranged ahead of time to deal with the emergency situation. 

We applaud the government for their promptness in preparing for the coronavirus outbreak. The coming weeks will be crucial for the country as the number of cases slowly increases. The government should be well prepared with enough testing kits and security gear for all healthcare personnel.