Extensive crop fields submerged in Sharsha

Published : 13 Aug 2020 07:40 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 02:08 PM

Extensive crop fields have been submerged by the water of the Indian Ichhamati River in the southern part of the Sharsha upazila bordering area of Jashore district. 

The vegetable crops including Aush Aman have been submerged under water. Locals said the water level in the Ichhamati River in India rose sharply in the last few days. The upstream water of the river enters through the Rudrapur Dadkhali canal and the fields in the southern part of Sharsha are flooded and the crop is severely damaged. 

The crops of Kayba, Goga, Bagachara, Ulashi and Putkhali Union beel areas in the southern part of the upazila have been submerged by water. Crop fields have been severely damaged.

Bablur Rahman in Rudrapur village said the water level in Dadkhali Beel was increasing by six inches every day. The water of Ichhamati River is flowing through Dadkhali canal and Thengamari beel in different areas of Sharsha. Although there is a Switch gate in the canal, it is not possible to stop the water. 

Anisur Rahman, deputy assistant agriculture officer of Kayba Union, said that 350 hectares of land around Kaybar Thengamari, Awali and Gomar, Paipatara, Deyo and Mahisha beels of the upazila have been submerged this year. This has resulted in a huge loss of vegetable crops including aus aman has damaged

Meanwhile, Sharsha Upazila Nirbahi Officer Pulak Kumar Mandal conducted a mobile court at noon on Tuesday and removed obstacles at several places including Dadkhali Canal. A few people have been warned with a fine of Tk 2,000 for illegal obstruction.

Sharsha Upazila Agriculture Officer Sautam Kumar Sheel said that due to non-excavation of the Ichhamati River, the river overflows every year in the monsoon season, causing severe damage to crops in the upazila. The matter has been reported to the higher authorities.

Sharsha UNO Pulak Kumar Mandal said water comes to Bangladesh from India through Ichhamati River every monsoon. There is no solution to the problem as the switch gate in Rudrapur Dadkhali canal is useless.