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Experts for strict health rules to face second wave of Covid-19

Published : 02 Nov 2020 09:05 PM

As the onset of winter and upcoming festivals could lead to a significant rise of coronavirus cases, people must use personal protective equipment when they travel through crowded areas, experts suggest.

Public health experts voice for maintaining all safety measures as the second wave of Covid-19 transmission may threaten to overtake the country before the winter.

In the winter social functions such as wedding, party and other socio-cultural programs take place enormously throughout the country.

Besides, as the government has reopened all the tourist spots, Zoo’s and entertainment centers across the country, people in large number have already started thronging.

Keeping in mind the huge presence of these crowded places, the government will have to compel the people to wear masks, hand gloves, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as many foreign countries went back into lockdown again. The second wave of Covid-19 lashes France, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). 

Physicians have emphasized the use of masks and adherence to hygiene rules.

Foundation for Doctors Safety, Rights and Responsibilities (FDSR) Chairman DrAbulHasnat said, there is no correlation between external temperature and coronavirus infection ahead of winter. 

The expert explained that coronavirus is transmitted from person to person. Generally, in winter various social events such as weddings, winter-parties, and ceremonies increase in the country. 

He said that not the temperature, social interaction is increasing the risk of Covid-19 infection. “So we have to maintain physical distancing along with wearing masks and gloves”, he added.

Since Sunday, the shop owners' association has banned shoppers from entering the country's shops, markets, and malls without masks. They have taken adequate steps to reduce coronavirus infection and prevent possible second coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier in the cabinet meeting, it was decided that no service would be available if one enters government-private offices without a mask. Therefore, the government is taking initiative to implement the 'No Mask, No Service' policy.

The decision was taken at a virtual meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

It is said that masks must be used in all government and non-government organizations, hat-bazaars, and shopping malls, social or religious congregations. Besides, it will be inspected whether this policy is being followed in private offices or not.

Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) advisor and public health expert Dr Mohammad Mushtuq Husaintold, as long as there is an infected person, there will be corona infection. Corona has nothing to do with temperature but with our activity. So no social event can be organized this winter.

In the current reality, it may take a few more months to get the vaccine. So adhering to hygiene rules is the most effective way for us to contain infections. Proper hygiene such as wearing a mask, washing hands with soap-water or hand sanitizer, and maintaining distance must be followed.