Expats’ assoc in UAE gets new committee

Published : 07 Jan 2024 10:20 PM

Kanaighat Probasi Samaj Kalyan Parishad-UAE, a social platform of expatriates of Kanaighat upazila in Sylhet living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); has announced its new executive committee for the 2024-2025 session. 

The 42-member full-fledged committee was announced at the Biannual General Meeting of the expatriates’ organisation held at Nahid Al-Madina Restaurant at Dubai Internation City in the UAE on Saturday (January 6, 2024).

Alamgir Solaiman Selim, election commissioner of the organisation, announced the committee at the first session of the event. Leaders of the new committee also took oath at the session. Maulana Siddiqur Rahman, Mujibur Rahman, Noor Ahmed, Ekhlasur Rahman, Fahadur Rahman, Abul Hasanat and Salik Ahmed Member were also present, among others, at the time. A cultural evening was performed at the second part of the event.    

Junaid Ahmed and Abdul Latif became president and general secretary of Kanaighat Probasi Samaj Kalyan Parishad-UAE respectively. Abdus Samad Shamim became senior vice president, while other vice presidents are- Mokhlisur Rahman, Ekhlasur Rahman, Helal Uddin Ahmed and Fakhrul Islam; and assistant secretaries are Taj Uddin, Joynul Abedin Jinul, Hossain Ahmed, Fakhrul Islam and Abdul Quadir. 

The other officer bearers are- organising secretary Masrur Ahmed, assistant organising secretaries Ahmed Jamil Chowdhury and Abdul Halim, treasurer Kawsar Uddin, assistant treasurers Sadullah, Anwarul Aspia and Yeahia Ahmed, cultural affairs secretary Rezwanul Karim, assistant cultural affairs secretaries Abu Sufian and Shoaibur Rahman, publicity and media secretary Mohammad Jamil, assistant publicity and media secretaries Amzad Mahmud Masum and Khalid Abbas, office secretary Helal Uddin, assistant office secretaries Mohi Uddin Nader, Jahed Ahmed and Lukman Uddin, training affairs secretary Bilal Uddin, assistant training affairs secretary Maruf Uddin, publication secretary Mostafizur Rahman Shaheen, assistant publication secretary Badrul Alam, law affairs secretary Advocate Shabbir Ahmad, assistant law affairs secretaries Lutfur Rahman and Selim Uddin, religious affairs secretary Khaled Ahmed Tasnim, assistant religious affairs secretary Helal Uddin, relief and rehabilitation secretary Sohel Ahmed, entertainment secretary Babul Ahmed, assistant entertainment secretaries Rezaul Karim and Syed Khosru.