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Expatriate Rights Council demands air fare cut

Published : 26 Dec 2021 10:39 PM | Updated : 27 Dec 2021 02:55 PM

Bangladesh Expatriate Rights Council has demanded that the air fare be reduced for the expatriates flying to the Middle-Eastern countries with jobs.

The council submitted a three-point demand to the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, said a release issued by the council on Sunday.

The immigration expenses have been increasing rapidly in accordance with the air fare hike adding to the plight of the expatriates.

The council also demanded that the number of flights to the Middle-East be increased.  It said that a regulatory board should be set up to control the air fare hike.

For the last one month, the expatriates have been facing many problems due to the air fare surge for those travelling to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the council also placed a 10-point demand to ensure the rights of the 1.20 crore Bangladeshi expatriates working in different countries of the world for their livelihood.

The mortal remains of Bangladeshi nationals who die abroad should be brought home on government expenses. The council also urged for ensuring the voting rights and National Identity Cards (NID) of the expatriates. It also asked to stop the harassment of the expatriates at airports in Bangladesh.

Dual citizenship laws should be formed and pension facilities for expatriates need to be ensured, according to the demands of the Expatriate Rights Council.

Broker-free passport and embassy services should be ensured with passport modification opportunities as well as the formulation and implementation of Expatriate Protection Act.

Government's assistance in legalising expatriates who are staying abroad without documents. It called for increasing consular services for the expatriates at Bangladesh missions abroad.

Moreover, special allocation for expatriates should be ensured in the national budget. Immigration expenses should be limited to Tk. 1 lakh. Interest free adequate loan facility and the employment of the expatriates who return to the country also need to be ensured, demanded the council in the release.

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