Exclusive music show on Channel i

Eminent media personality Shykh Seraj has made an exclusive music show titled ‘Sonali Surer Smritimoy Gaan’ to mark the 21-year journey of Channel i. Featuring the performance of the best contestants in the different reality shows, the three-episode programme will be aired from today to September 30 every day at 7:50pm.  

Hasina Mamotaj has attended the programme as special guest. Besides, the performance of a dozen of instrumental artistes in the show is believed to be one of the main attractions.

The singers who will be seen performing in the show are Liza, Ronty, Humaira Bashir, Raja Bashir, Zhilik, Ashiq, Konal, Sithi Saha, Puza, Luipa, Hoimonti, Yousuf, Brishti, Smaran, Dola, Sabbir, Ripon, Sagor, Bappi, Munir, Raqiba, Oithi, Ananya and Shanto. Shykh Seraj, who has directed the show, will also appear as the anchor. The show will have a repeat broadcast everyday 11:05am day after the scheduled telecast.