Exams in person begin at CoU

Published : 13 Jun 2021 09:52 PM

The Comilla University authorities on Sunday have started holding in-person examinations, which were postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak, maintaining hygiene rules.

On the first day, at least 11 semester students of eight departments sat for examinations, said registrar (additional in-charge) of the university Professor Dr. Md Abu Taher told Bangladesh Post.

‘The other examinations will also be taken step by step,’ he said

‘Four buses of the university were allowed to run for the students,and the number ofbuses will be increased, if needed,’ he added.

Meanwhile, the university administration has issued an instruction notice to maintain hygiene rules. The notice reads-students must leave the campus as soon as possible after the exam, unnecessary chats and public gatherings completely prohibited in the campus, externals’ entry in the campus enacted banned. Registrar (additional in-charge) Professor Dr. Md Abu Taher signed the notice.

The university had been closed due to the Covid situation since March 18, 2020.Though the authority started taking examinations on December 20 last year, it again stopped exams on February 23 following an instruction of the Ministry of Education.

On June 3, the Academic Council of the university decided to take exam in-person from June 13.