Eviction drives prove ineffective

Is it simply a farce to spend tax-payers’ money?

Eviction drives to free roads, pavements and remove illegal occupation has been going on for a long time in both the city corporations. But the end result is that the hawkers once again return to their self-designated spot after all that hassle.

Each of these eviction teams spends over 20,000 taka every time, sometimes spending even more of tax-payers’ money. But the public continues to suffer because as soon as a drive is concluded, hawkers return to the pavement and cause traffic congestion. 

Many are starting to criticize and question the effectiveness of such drives as they are nothing but a farcical procession which helps no one. Moreover, hawkers and street vendors strongly oppose these drives as they incur losses due to such incidents. 

Ultimately, these drives prove nothing but the 

ineffectiveness of both city corporations

 in maintaining order on public property

Many have become jobless and without a source of income as they have lost all their possessions during such eviction drives. Bangladesh Hawkers’ Union held a rally last week in front of the National Press Club in protest and demanded that they be stopped. 

Ultimately, these drives prove nothing but the ineffectiveness of both city corporations in maintaining order on public property. In the future, they would do well to reconsider these eviction drives as they are absolutely pointless unless they are continuously reinforcing the laws. 

The city corporations can assign special duty police officers to do daily checks on sidewalks and other public domain areas to ensure that they are not being illegally occupied.

If possible the authorities can help the hawkers relocate to more suitable locations where they are not a public nuisance. To ensure rule of law, continuous checks at commonly-occupied areas should be conducted by city corporation officials as well.