Eviction drive obstructed in Ctg

Land grabbers must be brought to book

Published : 15 Sep 2023 09:16 PM

At least 10 people including Sitakunda upazila nirbahi officer and officer-in-charge were injured in an attack by the armed goons, who grabbed government khas lands in Sitakunda upazila Thursday afternoon. Also, several vehicles including one owned by a private television station were torched during the attack.

Some people built structures illegally on a land allocated for constructing a heart foundation in Jungle Salimpur area under Salimpur union, and they have long been living there. The illegal occupants earlier were served notices to free land, but they did not comply with the orders.

Though the government’ special drive to recover khas lands raised a new, the desired success would not be achieved unless effective measures are taken to keep the reclaimed lands out of the clutches of grabbers. 

The government has recovered 5512.04 acres of khas land from illegal occupation across the country to construct houses for landless under the Ashrayan -2 Project on the occasion of Mujib Barsho. But a total of 62,537 acres of khas land still remains under the clutches of grabbers across the country.

There is no alternative 

to oust the grabbers 

and illegal occupants from the 

government’s khas land and bring

 them to book immediately

Local influential, political leaders and musclemen are developing structures in the name of various association and religious institutions on the government khas land. Later, these organised grabbers through syndication and managing a section of officials and of land offices are either constructing high rise building or selling those lands to the vested quarters.

These influential people and musclemen in association with local armed middlemen have also set up different structures like resorts and factories on the grabbed lands. Besides, many plots on the government land are being built for sale and many are on the way to be sold.

While recovering the land, the authorities concerned faced challenges in several times. But they must overcome all difficulties successfully and recover the khas land. If the grabbers can be ousted from the khas land, country’s landless and homeless people will get better quality abodes along with two decimals of land.

Earlier the Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury had asked the deputy commissioners of all districts to recover the lands by carrying out regular visits.

The deputy commissioners had been asked to conduct eviction drives against the grabbers, amend the record of khas lands registered as the lands of individuals in RS, BS or City Records, prepare a list of grabbers, and take measures to bring the lands under the occupation of the government through carrying out eviction drives in legal ways. In this regard, local public representatives especially the lawmakers must extend their all-out supports to the deputy commissioners to evict land grabbers alongside legal actions against them.  There is no alternative to oust the grabbers and illegal occupants from the government’s khas land and bring them to book immediately.