Evaluating Cabinet members

Transparency and citizen engagement crucial

Published : 05 Feb 2022 06:39 PM

The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter Sheikh Hasina is serving as the prime minister for the third consecutive term after her party won the 11th parliamentary election by a landslide on Dec 30, 2018. No leader in the country’s political history has been at the helm for this long. And she formed a new government with 46 members of her new cabinet on Jan 7, 2019, pledging to continue the efforts to develop the nation and curb corruption. And most of stalwarts were excluded from her cabinet and the country got a cabinet with all members from the Awami League after 1973.

It has been observed especially in the last two years when many foreign countries suffered a deep economic recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bangladesh tackled the situation with making the right decision and doing the right thing throughout the year patently.

We believe the prime minister will appreciate her cabinet 

members and lawmakers who are executing their responsibilities 

and duties honestly, sincerely and transparently

Initially many predicted that Bangladesh, one of the world’s most densely-populated countries would be affected badly by the Covid-19 pandemic. But the government led by Sheikh Hasina fought against the Covid-19 calling it a “war” and kept the country’s all sectors alive throughout the year amid many hurdles. And braving all sorts of hurdles and odds, the ruling Awami League continued pulling the country towards development 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already evaluated the performance and records of account of her cabinet members--ministers, state ministers, deputy ministers and party lawmakers. Sheikh Hasina has also examined her cabinet members’ and lawmakers contribution to their respective ministries and constituencies as well. Apart from these, what role was played by ministers, state ministers and deputy minister implementation of annual development programmes (ADPs) from the very beginning of the current tenure of the government has also been evaluated. Some ministries especially health ministry failed to ensure irregularities and corruption centring the Covid-19, like those of Regent Hospital and JKG healthcare over testing. Besides, commerce ministry has also failed to control the price hike of essential commodities. Apart from these, the ministry of liberation war has also been criticised centring the issuance freedom fighters’ list.  

On the other hand, some ministries like land, disaster management and relief and fisheries and livestock did well during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We believe the prime minister will appreciate her cabinet members and lawmakers who are staying beside the people and executing their responsibilities and duties honestly, sincerely and transparently till date. On the other hand, those, who are still engaged in making the government and the party controversial through their immoral, unethical and other offensive activities and indecent remarks, disciplinary measures should be taken against them.