EU demands clarity from Microsoft on AI risks in Bing

By Reuters
Published : 18 May 2024 07:48 PM

The European Commission could fine Microsoft (MSFT.O) if it doesn't provide adequate information on risks stemming from generative AI features in search engine Bing by 27 May.

The Commission said on Friday that it is worried about the dissemination of deep fakes and automated manipulation of services that can mislead voters.

It said it was stepping up enforcement actions on the matter, as it had not received a reply to a request for information sent on 14 March.

If the deadline is not met, the commission could fine Bing up to 1% of its total annual income with periodic penalties of up to 5% of its average daily income.

It can also fine the company if it provides incorrect or misleading information.

Tech companies are required to do more to tackle illegal and harmful content on their platforms under the European Union's landmark Digital Services Act, which kicked in last year.

Generative AI is one of the risks identified by the commission for the integrity of electoral processes, in particular for the upcoming European Parliament elections in June.