Establishment of mature ecosystem stressed

Unlike that in the traditional consumer field, the digital transformation in vertical industries requires a more mature ecosystem and a dramatic uplift in reliability from 99.9% to 99.999% and even higher. Essential software, such as operating systems and databases, is fundamental to the best use of both hardware and appIications. 

 ZTE's NewStart operating system has been adopted in the key fields of telecom, high-speed rail, power, automotive and industrial automation. With more than 200 million sets shipped to global customers, the NewStart operating system has become a fundamental technology that ensures reliable social evolution.

 In view of the increasing amount of data to be processed and the increasing business transactions in the 5G era, traditional network architecture with dedicated servers and centralized databases cannot support long-term service development with its currently limited system performance, scalability, and flexibility. 

The application of distributed databases, given their better performance and higher reliability, ensures rapid implementation of new technologies in the ecosystem, and removes the risks of shrinking ecosystem, the difficulties in talent cultivation, and the high costs brought by dedicated servers. GoldenDB, ZTE's distributed database, has been applied by major banks in their credit card systems to meet the stringent business requirements. 

Assisting customers in smoothly processing the spiking traffic in the Double 11 (11 Nov) and Double 12 (12 Dec) Shopping Festivals, the database sets an example for other innovative database applications in diverse industries.

 ZTE is committed to facilitating the 5G commercialization and the development of information superhighway, advancing digital transformation by empowering vertical industries through 5G. By promoting its widely-used and mature NewStart operating system and GoldenDB database, the company is committed to striving for the prosperity of the ecosystem.