Essentials’ price spikes

Intensify market vigilance

Published : 17 Sep 2021 10:41 PM | Updated : 17 Sep 2021 11:57 PM

The prices of essential commodities like edible oil, sugar, chicken, eggs and vegetables have shot up across the country, making common people life difficult. Despite having a huge government stock of rice, the price of the main staple food continued to show an increased trend, indicating market manipulation by an organised syndicate comprising wholesalers, millers and importers. However, it is good to note that an intelligence agency has identified a hoarding syndicate behind the rice price spiral and suggested taking stern actions against the hoarders. 

Common people are struggling to buy essentials as their prices have gone up in the wholesale and retail markets across the country without any logical reason. However, we apprehend that the vegetables’ prices will start coming down with the arrival of huge winter seasonal vegetables across the country. It is noticed that just before the harvesting of winter vegetables, their prices show rising trend. 

The unscrupulous traders who have hiked the price 

of essentials including rice to make the market

 unstable, must be identified and brought to book

We think the unscrupulous traders who have hiked the price of essentials including rice to make the market unstable, must be identified and brought to book immediately. Besides, the government will have to be in a tough position if anyone is found involved in increasing price essential commodities through malpractices during the precarious coronavirus situation.

We urge the traders not to try to destabilise the kitchen market as there is no reason for price hike. Besides, the government must take immediate steps to arrest the skyrocketing price of the cooking ingredients. The government should conduct drives against syndicate responsible for price hike. Therefore, the authorities concerned must keep a strict watch on prices of essential commodities in the country.